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Energy reep & Recovery shake
Energy Reep & Energy Gel
Recovery Drinks & Bars (RRP £41.90)
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  • Energy reep & Recovery shake
  • Energy Reep & Energy Gel
  • Recovery Drinks & Bars (RRP £41.90)
  • Recovery Shakes & Drinks (RRP £29.90)

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Do you know the feeling? That feeling that you’ve given it your all, and you’ve just got no power left? Congratulations! You’ve had a real workout! Did you know that when you train hard, you’re actually damaging your muscles a little bit? That’s normal – and that’s why after every workout, it’s important to plan in some recovery as well. This recovery is an essential part of staying in shape. During the recovery phase, you can give your muscles the extra help they need to recover in the form of protein. This is what is needed to maintain your muscles and build more muscle tissue. So when your next challenge comes, you can give it your best!

Support after sport

Training hard and delivering athletic performance demands a lot from your body. That’s why the recovery phase after any athletic activity is just as important as the activity itself. Along with rehydrating and replenishing carbohydrates, your muscles need a little extra attention too. Protein helps maintain your muscles and promotes muscle growth. Vifit Sport High Protein has been developed especially for use after your workout. Research has shown that your muscles have the most potential for recovery in the first 30 minutes after your workout, and that 20g of protein is the optimum post-workout amount. That’s why each product in the Vifit Sport High Protein range contains 20g of protein per portion to provide the protein your muscles after your workout.

Vifit Sport also contains vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, and is a natural source of calcium. These added vitamins and minerals help provide normal muscle function.

Vifit Sport High Protein products

Vifit Sport High Protein is available in ready to drink, bar and powder formats. Vifit Sport products are available in a range of flavours, and are made with only natural flavourings and no added preservatives or artificial colourants. They just taste great! There’s nothing easier than putting a Vifit Sport High Protein drink or bar into your jacket pocket or sports bag so you’ve got your 20g of protein within reach right after your intensive workout. Check out all the great flavours of Vifit Sport High Protein in our webshop.